About Us

Like many other companies, TheMaskHeadband was founded because of the need of a loved one. Founder and CEO Rebecca Sweeney shares the story:

"I began this company, which actually started as a hobby, to support my sister who had just started her nursing career. She complained that wearing a face mask all day at work was causing the backs of her ears to become raw and sore. The only other solution, she said, was a mask that tied around the back of her head. Only, instead of causing raw ears, this mask would just get her hair all caught and knotted in the ties. So, I began producing headbands for her and her colleagues as well as donating them to nurses at my local hospitals. The demand became so high due to the pandemic that I had to find a way to make my headbands more available to the general population - so I created TheMaskHeadband! My hope is to make mask-wearing a little more comfortable for everyone, especially those who have to wear their masks all day.”

In celebration of individuality, we have modeled our business in a way that allows people to design their own headbands to match their outfits, their school or business colors, or to just express their personality! 

We also offer wholesale and branding options for those who want to supply headbands to their employees, teams, or classrooms. 

Turning TheMaskHeadband into a business did not thwart the original mission of giving back to our nurses though. With every headband that is purchased, one (or more!) is donated to a nurse on the front lines.

TheMaskHeadband’s production channel exclusively supports 100% USA small businesses. It is important to us that all our materials and final products are exclusively sourced and produced through USA small and local businesses just like us! 

TheMaskHeadband is also completely female owned and operated. We are highly passionate in supporting young female entrepreneurship and from this, we use our business as a platform to teach and aid other young female entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams of success and independence. 

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